Grass is like pimples.

Kia Ora World Whanau, or no one. I just have to write, so be it.

This blog is about my arrival at a place (year 38 to be exact), where I gather up my life experiences and learnings so far and give it all I’ve got.

With every ounce of my heart and soul, I believe that we can heal the earth, and I want to make it simple. Like putting on your make up or shaving your whiskers… and fun! because it REALLY is… I promise.

We have been conditioned to think “gardening” is laborious, boring, prickly, stingy, dirty etc, so many of us do not even bother.

We have been conditioned to think things should “appear“ a certain way.

Imagine if there was only one genre of music?

Our art? No painting, no sculpture, just strict pencil drawings?

Our minds and our bodies are dictated to enough over our formative years and beyond, especially with regard to appearance, and in my truth, this is harming our world. 

I invite you to give me a chance to help you try a new beauty routine. A beauty routine that will connect you to the land and all the life in it. It will help you feel beautiful, know the truth of beautiful, and become all the beautiful you truly are, because we all are… and that’s the truth.

My name is Shandi and I am a NZ European and I am admitting our mistakes to the land, because we all make mistakes and that is okay… if, we learn from them.

Let’s not continue it any longer.  Let’s come together and relearn. Let’s make a new fashion, style, trend. The beauty and ease of it will catch on.

This fashion is not high maintenance. It does not cost anything like going to the hairdressers! but it can be like “playing” hairdressers or beauty shops or fairies! ;) And for the people who are not really interested in games, it can just be easy and the best kind of good deed.

Land care has been made a lot more complicated than it actually is and I have found, that if you start with a few simple changes in our perception of how things “should be”, over a short time, the most complicated parts (ie, growing our own food), becomes much more simple too.

This is a blog for EVERYONE, fullas, lasses, girls and boys, farmers, landlords! anybody who owns a piece of land, rents a piece of land, or walks through a public space that is land. This is for people who want an easy way (ummm, everyone?) to create a healthy planet.  Therefore, a healthy tomorrow for our babes and their babes too. 

I cannot lie, my thoughts may go off in weird and wild directions which may or may not be of interest, they might even sound controversial (yikes!) but my need to express is strong and if I am truthful, which I am, I now prefer to give myself permission, in my mature age (ha!), to think and brainstorm in all the shapes, squiggles and abstracts that I am naturally predispositioned to do. Let’s get out of the box which is not, the shape of any kind of health and nature that I know.

So, please forgive me for being challenging at times, please know I challenge myself even more…  At the heart of it, no capatilist endeavours, just an incredibly strong tie to the land I was born and the ethics that care for it and visions and a dream of a new story.

We don’t have to continue with the old stories if they are not working.

New story.

Care of the earth. Care of the people.

Grass is like pimples.

To be continued…